Tools to Boost Your Productivity as Web Dev

As a web developer we come across resources, tech stack, meetings ,tasks, priority task and many more. I am going to mentioned the tools I find useful to increase my productivity as Web Dev.

To Generate Dummy Data:

Dummy/ Mock API

While working on frontend its often happens when backend team have still not completed the API, Mocking APIs are solution here.
There are many services to mock the API, but I created one of my own set of dummy APIs. Link:
You can get mock GET API if you have a JSON or use the predefined set of APIs.

Screen Shot:

I personally find this chrome extension very useful: GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture. You can download PDF, PNG of the screenshot.



Tasks, Bugs, meetings schedules is one the problem which almost everyone in the world of corporate have but we have it as pain in our head we haunts us every day.
Todoist is the productivity tool you need to get work and life organised. Collect tasks, organise projects, and plan your day

Thank you for your time, I hope you find this blog useful and helpful.



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Manan Kumar Gupta

I am Frontend Developer, exploring the power of Javascript. I have worked on Angular, ReactJS and React Native.